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Outdoor Patio in need of SHADE? Our custom built pergolas not only provide the needed shade you are looking for, but also provide a cozy environment that defines your patio and creates a comfortable setting to host, dine, and relax for you and your guests. Our pergolas will transform your patio.

Large Beam Pergola


All of our outdoor shade structures are based off of three basic designs: The Traditional, The Centered Beam & The Large Beam. The Large Beam Pergola can be identified by having a single large beam that rests on top of the pergola’s posts. There are multiple styles and beam sizes that can be used for the Large Beam Pergola to create a unique one of a kind design.


Large Beam Pergola: Built for Taharra Lodge’s wedding venue in Estes Park, Colorado
Made from Custom rough sawn Doug Fir Timbers. This pergola was designed to have a bold look that would create a focal point for a wedding while being simple enough that it would not cast unneeded shadows on the wedding party below.

IMG_0887Custom Benches made from surface finished Doug Fir Timbers to match the Wedding Pergola.










Large Beam Pergola: Built over a paver patio and hot tub


This large beam pergola defines a patio area that is disconnected from the house and creates an excellent cozy atmosphere for hosting, dining, enjoying evening cocktails, and taking a dip in the hot tub!

Large Beam Pergola: Built over flagstone patio



 This garden pergola creates an outdoor haven and an environment that invites rest and relaxation.