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Outdoor Patio in need of SHADE? Our custom built pergolas not only provide the needed shade you are looking for, but also provide a cozy environment that defines your patio and creates a comfortable setting to host, dine, and relax for you and your guests. Our pergolas will transform your patio.

Traditional Pergola


All of our outdoor shade structures are based off of three basic designs: The Traditional, The Centered Beam & The Large Beam. The Traditional Pergola can be identified by having two beams that sandwich the top of the each post. There are multiple styles and beam sizes that can be used for the Traditional Pergola  to create a unique one of a kind design.

Traditional Pergola: Built on the side of a house over a paver patio.

IMG_0107Creates an excellent side space that pulls attention away from the house and into the landscape of the backyard.

Traditional Pergola: Attached to house to provide shade and enclosure

IMG_0904Added railing helps define patio space




Traditional Pergola: Installed over deck

IMG_0921Added lattice side creates more privacy and more shade.

Contemporary Spaced Shade Rafters